If you are considering getting a divorce, you may be concerned with the financial burden of hiring an attorney. Retaining a lawyer may get costly when you are considering the costs that you will encounter after your divorce, such as where you are going to live after the divorce, and if you have kids, you might wonder how you will continue to provide for them on 1 salary. However, remember the old adage, “the person who represents themselves as an attorney has a fool for a client.” Essentially, the loss you might incur by representing yourself may be 10 times to 100 times the cost to retain an attorney to represent you. These questions are all normal and to be expected in the divorce process. So what can a lawyer bring to the table to help you hurdle these concerns?


At the Law Office of Alan C. Stein, P.C., our first concern is you.


If you are able to discuss the details of your divorce with your spouse concerning the custody of your children, support, property, and bank accounts, then you will not need a lawyer for that particular time in your divorce.


Even if you decide on retaining a lawyer for your divorce, you may save money if you take on those types of questions with your spouse before hand and then consult a lawyer. This way, the lawyer can get to the actual divorce faster.


If you have children, involving a lawyer may be hard on them. If you and your spouse may reach an agreement on who pays support and who has custody, then it may be easier on your children. However, this decision is one of the hardest ones to make for a parent, making hiring an attorney almost a necessity if you have children. An attorney will also help you plan for the future in terms of expenses that your child may bring later down the line such as college tuition payments.


An attorney could also be of help when you are unsure if you want to follow through with a divorce. Mentioning the possibility of divorce to a spouse may be grim to bear so it is best to come in for a free consultation with an attorney such as Mr. Stein, before taking on that conversation with your spouse. Together, we will be able to decide the options of divorce, what it could mean for you, your family, and your financial status.


In addition, if your spouse has an attorney for the divorce you should never be left without a defense. You want to make sure that a divorce does not leave you without property, money, or your kids. Sometimes it is hard to stand up for yourself, especially in court, so an attorney offers that calm and collected approach that you and your spouse may be lacking at that time.


Divorce without an attorney is possible, but it may cost you more than if you consulted an attorney. Divorces are a highly emotional process and if you want to file your divorce with an attorney, the key step is in picking the right one.


At the Law Office of Alan C. Stein, P.C., Attorney Alan Stein himself values the sanctity of marriage and often marries couples. However, if he meets with a struggling couple that is considering a divorce so that both parties may go on in life making their own happiness, he feels that it is better to provide them a second chance at that happiness. The goal for Mr. Stein is to have a smooth divorce process, and believe it or not, it is possible. As his client, you are given the shoulder you need to help you through this emotional and stressful experience. Call (516) 932-1800 today for a free consultation with Attorney Alan C. Stein, to help you figure out what option is best for you. If you would like more information please visit our website at www.AlanStein.net.